Sotto Pico
is a small centre of Agriturismo, offering biologically grown fruits and vegetables.
It is situated in the centre of Puglia, near the medieval city of Cisternino and ancient Ceglie Messapica. This is a territory where Europa and Africa meet in fascinating archtecture, surprising coocking and musical crossingover.
All in reach within 4 hours of Low Budget flights to Brindisi.

Hidden between the hills, the house has a superb view on the ancient agricultural landscape, offering a panoramic outlook on the valley with its olives, almonds, figs, oaks, cactuses, herbs, vegetables, vineyards. And of course with its numerous trulli, the traditional buildings made solely out of rock.
A grid of donkey-tracks connects the trulli and offers a perfect environment for botanists, mouintainbikers and hikers.

Click here for a map of Cisternino, situated in Puglia, Italia.

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